December and January are fantastic times to sell your home. Here’s why.

Hey there. I’m here with Sandy and Company, and it is cold out here—actually not as cold right today as it was a couple of days ago out here, but it is getting chilly. A lot of people think that maybe this isn’t the time to sell your house or this isn’t the time to buy a house, and I want to tell you why that is exactly wrong. 

Often, if sellers and buyers are not necessarily time oriented, they shut down about October to November, and they start thinking about making a change in their home some time again in February and March. March and spring is typically the highest time in our market for real estate, but it is not always the best time.

The two reasons why December and January are awesome, perfect times to sell and to buy a house: Number one, they are more motivated. They who? Both sellers and buyers. People are not wandering out in the rain in our part of the country because they’re really excited to take a look at houses just for fun—it’s because they need to make a change in their house. They are very motivated. The sellers are not inviting muddy, cold people into their homes at awkward times during the holidays to make sure they’re giving them a good place to stay, and hang out and get warm—no. It’s because they need to make a change. Something is important about selling their house now, so, this is a great time because you have motivated people on both sides.

“March and spring are typically the busiest times in our market for real estate, but it is not always the best time.”

The second is there’s less competition for both sellers and buyers, so not as many people are taking a look right now, and not as many options are there for them. Now is a great time to make your house shine. Now is a great time to get yourself ahead of the next buyer, and we’re here to help you with that. 

So give me a call, private message me. If this is the time for you, then we are here. We’re bundled up, and ready to go. Got the dog here hanging out with me this morning. There’s Harley, and it’s easy for me to put this leash away, trust me, and get ready to help you with your real estate.

Have a super blessed day. Stay safe, stay healthy, and talk with us about your real estate needs because we are here to help you.