We approach this season of thanks with mixed emotions as we look around our families, our colleagues, our country, and the world. This is a season of simultaneous bright light and deep darkness, and we’re impacted in different degrees by each.  

I have friends and colleagues dealing with heart-wrenching issues right now that echo my history. I empathize and assure that life will be good again. But I know it’s hard. And they’re tired and confused.  

I’m reminded today that I have no better life than to walk my own path with God - the same God who got down in the dirt with us and stays with us because he promised to never leave us. Even when we wonder where he is. When I round the corner, I can often look back and see the evidence that he was always right there.  

In my journal today I listed out the lights in my life. They include several new client relationships, getting my aunt settled nearby, and finishing a quilt top. These blessings don’t fix the broken around me or make life perfect. But they help me see that this path has purpose and beauty. 

I know life is never perfect - it can’t be this side of heaven. The world is broken. We’re all broken. But much beauty can come from broken pieces. Fabric gets cut before assembled. Stained glass is broken before arranged. And good happens when our broken pieces recognize each other and give grace, support, and love.  

I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving with friends and family. That you can look at your life and recognize love, beauty, and purpose. And that you give thanks for the immeasurable love of God who chose you despite all your brokenness because you are valuable and gorgeous - his treasure. 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!