You’ve probably heard of distressed sellers, like those selling foreclosures or short-sale properties. Today, I want to talk about a different kind of distressed seller.

We sold a home in Sultan to one of my clients about four years ago. We’ll call her Susie. She was in her early 30s, had a great career, and was moving upwards.

About a year ago, she started having health problems, which made it difficult for her to work, which got her behind in house payments. Everything started to unravel. She had equity in her house, but she was in over her head in life, and one of the things she had to do was get rid of that house.

She had talked to a bankruptcy attorney about the debt she had as a result of her medical problems, and the attorney told her that she needed to sell her house.

Now, our houses are a huge source of pride in our culture. It’s so important for us to have that place that we call “home,” that we have control over, and it can be difficult for us to let go of that.

“Our houses are a huge source of pride in our culture.”

But we sat down, I talked to Susie and her dad, and we made a plan. We jumped into that plan with both feet.

We had extensive marketing. We hit the neighborhoods, social media, and made sure that everyone who wanted a house in Sultan knew about this one. We got seven offers.

(Yes, houses are selling in Sultan!)

Two weeks later, Susie is out from under this house payment. She is out from under a bank hovering over her and threatening foreclosure. She has $48,000 in the bank and doesn’t have to file bankruptcy at this point.

I am so excited for and proud of Susie. She didn’t let her pride get in the way of what she needed to do for herself right now. Susie will be okay. She will buy a home again. But she did the right thing for right now.

Who do you know right now who’s scared because the dominoes are falling all around them and they don’t know what to do? Give me a call. Let’s make a plan and put it into motion. I would be happy to help you and them.