My family was supposed to head up to Victoria, B.C. over the last days of June for some much-needed relaxation time. However, not everyone could make it so we decided to scratch the plans for now and stay in the beautiful NW instead. It was fine because I was still able to spend time with my awesome peeps.

I also accomplished quite a bit during my time off. I cleaned my garage and fixed a shelf that had fallen off. We planted a new cherry tree from Flower World and other assorted color spots from Sunnyside Nursery. Our yard is looking good!

“I accomplished quite a bit.”

I had dinner one night with my dear friend in Bellingham, and Don and I golfed up at Semiahmoo- it’s gorgeous up there! With relaxing time around home, in nurseries, and at the golf course, I was rejuvenated when it was time to go back to work. I was able to spend my time off at the places I love with the people I love: exactly what I needed.

I would love to how you’re getting fun and relaxation this summer. Let me know! Or if you have any questions about real estate, give me a call, Facebook message me or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.