Today we’re talking about helping our local businesses not only get through this but actually thrive and be stronger on the other side.

If you’re a small business owner in need of a few ideas to help your business not just survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but also thrive, here are three ideas:

1. Delivery. Get your product to your clients’ homes without them having to come into the store, especially if you’ve had to bring hours down for some of your employees—perhaps they’d like to be a delivery person and help you keep that product rolling out the door without the clients coming in.

2. Create projects. For example, if you’re a hardware or craft store, you could put together a project that people are looking to do while they’re at home. Then you just put all the pieces together and use that delivery service to get it into the clients’ homes. Sell them as kits and provide step-by-step instructions on how to get the project done.

3. Livestream. Get online with your clients. You can have Zoom meetings and conference calls with them to show them how to do projects. You can get groups together and have exercise classes; just sell spots in the Zoom meeting and then send them the link.

Erione was saying that we have to reimagine how we’re going to do business. Things are always changing, life is always changing. How are we going to adapt? I imagine that it’s not going to go exactly as we were used to as ‘business as usual.’ Let’s see what we can do.

As for real estate, I’m actually pretty surprised that things have not changed too much for me. We’re still able to sell houses, we’re still able to buy houses, and I’m able to do business in person—just on a more limited basis.

So talk with me about what you need for your home. And if you have any small businesses around you that you’d like us to feature on one of our Facebook videos, please let me know. We are here to help, whatever that means—whether it’s real estate, life, business…let’s be a community together and make it better.

Have an amazing day. Be safe. Be blessed. I’ll talk to you soon.