Today I’m talking about what’s hot right now. It’s not just our spring market—it’s also what’s happening in our yards. 

If you know me, you know that I love flowers, yard work, and gardening. And one of the things my husband shares with me is his fruit trees. So I decided that, this year, I’ll add to Sandy’s Toolshed.

If you’re not familiar with Sandy’s Toolshed, we share tools you may not use all the time and you don’t want to buy. You can borrow my pressure-washer, paint-sprayer, carpet-cleaner, extension ladder, etc. 

“If you want to borrow this from my toolshed, let me know.”

This time, we’re adding a pruner. I used to borrow this from my neighbor Tom (it was awesome!). This pruner telescopes out so you can get those really tall branches. If you want to borrow this from my toolshed, let me know. 

In the fall when you’re ready to harvest that fruit, I’ve also added a fruit gatherer so you can get the fruit from the tall branches that you can’t reach by hand. 

We’re here for you whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or stay. If you’re sticking around, let me help you out, and I’ll talk to you later on when you’re looking to sell your house. 

If you’re looking to buy, go ahead and click the “Home Search” box below. If you’re thinking about selling and wondering if now is the time, click on the “Home Evaluation” box. 

In the meantime, have an amazing day! Go outside and enjoy this beautiful Northwest.