If you’re buying or selling a home, you need to hire a Realtor you can trust with your family.

Today we’re talking about helping out family. 

Studies show that we will return to so-so help. So, maybe it’s convenient, maybe we’re too busy to find something else, maybe we’re not really sure exactly where to look, but if someone takes OK care of us, we’ll go back. 

However, the same studies show that we don’t refer our most important people to them; we figure they’re actually better off taking a chance from someone else, or maybe going online to see a recommendation. 

That is why I’m so especially honored to be taking care of two different clients who are children of my previous clients. When I taught for 13 years in high school English, I was not to the point where I was actually getting my students’ children, so this makes it an especially fun time for me here. 

Last month, we helped Sean get his very first home, and it had a big garage for working on his cars, it has space for roommates to help him pay that mortgage, and then extra room around the driveway for playing on a skateboard. So congratulations Sean, and thank you to his parents for making sure Sean got the kind of care so that he knew he was taken care of throughout that transaction and, of course, we’ll be staying in touch.

“We are here to be that trusted Realtor expert.”

And then, just this last week, I started talking to Alex and Amanda. Amanda is the daughter of my clients for whom I’ve been searching for a family home to have extended generation, and we’re very excited to help them find their new home with space for the family, and they can even use their VA. So for our vets and our children, thank you so much for honoring me with that introduction so we can make sure that they are taken great care of through that transaction—through that very important investment. 

When we work together with selling your home and with buying your home, we actually become like family. We are talking all the time and really in key with what’s most important. 

So who’s the next person you can think of who needs help from a Realtor you can trust with your family? We are here to be that trusted Realtor expert—to make sure they are taken care of through their home purchase and their home sale and beyond. 

Click on the box above for a home evaluation or a home search today or give me a call or shoot me an email. Let’s talk today about how we can make that next step for a strong 2020 for you and your family. Have an amazing day!