This month of love, don’t forget to show your home some love and care too.

Hey there. This is Sandy with Sandy and Company, and welcome to February. February is the month of love. Let’s talk about a little bit of home love and what are a few things that you can do for your home or think about right now that would mean the world to your home for the time to come. I’m thinking top, bottom, and in between. 

The top is your roof. Make sure that if you have missing shingles, have moss on your roof, your gutters are full, pay attention. I can’t tell you how much damage I have seen from full gutters that if they had just cleared that out, it actually would have saved them years on the life of their roof. Pay attention to that when you’re looking up there.

Put some Tide down. Put some lime down. Put something to keep the moss away as well once it’s cleaned off. Don’t pressure wash your roof. More people have destroyed the roof by the power of the pressure washer than I can count. So that is the top. 

Then we have the bottom. Take a look in your crawl space. You should be looking in your crawl space at least once a year to make sure whether you have any water coming in there. If you’ve got water in your crawl space, then you’re going to have issues with rot, and that is going to again take away the life and cost you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. 

Pay attention to what’s under there. Is it dry? Is it clean? Is the insulation staying up? Do you have a good vapor barrier down on the ground? Those are the things that pay attention now, in a little bit of time and effort and sometimes a little bit of money, fixing it up now can save you so much down the road. Home love, love your home.

In the middle you got your furnace. Now, we’ve been having some cold weather before Christmas. You should have an idea of whether you’re staying warm enough in your home, and is your furnace running all day long? Change your filters. Those filters should be changed every several months. Sometimes people even say once a month, but if I can get it done every three months, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

If it has not been checked by an HVAC person, then call and get somebody out to take a look and make sure everything is up to speed so that you don’t have a very uncomfortable, cold night because something stopped in the middle of the night and you don’t want to make an emergency call and pay for that money along with fixing your furnace or getting a new one.

So top, bottom, in between; give your home some love, give yourself some love, give your family love. This is the time to think about those things that will make your long-term relationships last longer. The ones you want to keep, take care of, and that includes your home. Have a super blessed day. Stay safe. Stay healthy. If I can help you with anything with your real estate needs, please be sure to let me know. I’m looking forward to that phone call or that message. Have a super blessed day. Bye bye.