Here’s one example of how I’m able to help clients with their goals.

This February, one of my clients let me know that she knew of an elderly couple who were headed into assisted living, and that their kids were working on the house over the weekend, and that I should go meet them—they definitely needed my help. 

When I stopped by, they weren’t home, so I went ahead and left a note; the son called me and asked me to come and take a look and see what they should do to go ahead and get ready to sell. I let them know they could go ahead and just fix the drainage issue in the backyard and do some clean-up, and that would be that—or, they could go ahead and paint and carpet, and then they would get a little more. But under no circumstances were they to touch the wallpaper or remodel the kitchen; those were not things that would get them their return in the long run.

They got to work, and every few weeks I stopped by to give encouragement, and check on the progress, and let them know an updated value because spring and summer values were heating up. Finally, they were ready; July came, and our values were about eight to 10% up from the three to four months before when we first started looking at numbers. 

Now my client’s biggest concern was making sure that he was protecting his parent’s nest egg. This was going to be their last big investment that they could go ahead and profit from to take care of the rest of their days financially, so this was a very big deal.

“Every few weeks I stopped by to give encouragement and check on the progress.”

Well, August 1 came, we listed their house for $370,000, and then my guy went on vacation for a week. When he came back, we had nine offers to review, and two of them went up to $415,000—that’s $45,000 more than other homes like this one, and it was another $15,000 above anything that he had really hoped and dreamed for. 

So let me ask you this: Who do you know who is looking for the best Realtor who both understands the unprecedented market that we’re in right now, as well as how to use that market for your unique situation? Everyone’s situation is different. 

Call me, text me, message me, reach out—let’s get started on a plan today to make sure that you have the best for when you are ready. Have a blessed day! Stay safe, stay healthy, and know that we are here for you!