How I helped my clients move on with the next chapter of their lives.

Hi, this is Sandy with Sandy and Company, and today we are talking about when our clients feel stuck in their homes. 

This homeowner contacted me several years ago because he and his wife were feeling like they needed to go to the one-level house. Both getting older, had some health issues, and it was just becoming more and more difficult for them to stay in this house.

So I came over and I talked with them about what that looked like, what the value was, what they could do next. What worked out better for them was just removing their payment. After that, they decided that the function of the house worked just fine. So I recommended them to a great lender who was familiar with a reverse mortgage for seniors. Is that always the right tool? No. But in this case, it worked really well and it kept him in this house for, honestly, the rest of his days.

I got a call a couple of months ago and this homeowner had just passed away. So his son called me and said, “Dad just passed away.” The son needed to make sure that Mom was taken care of, but it was not going to be in this house.

“You need to look at the options and find out what really works best for you.”

She needed more help than that. She couldn’t be alone, so she moved in with him for a little while until we got the house sold.

Some people think that with a reverse mortgage that the bank owns the house. That is not true. We sold this house just like we do any other, and she is getting a hefty check that will house her wherever she needs to be next, very comfortably.

Are you feeling like maybe your house doesn’t fit you anymore? or maybe your payment doesn’t fit you anymore? And you need to look at the options and find out what really works best for you? That’s where we come in and we talk about what you can do and what that looks like.

Or maybe you’re going to stay here and you just need to change how it’s financed. Let me know. We are a great resource so that we can help you figure out what works for you. If it is staying in your house and changing or removing your payment, great. And if it is moving out, getting fewer stairs and less yard to mow, great. Let’s talk. Let’s be your resource. 

Our motto is Making Lives Better. How can we help with yours? I’m excited to talk with you about your real estate needs. Have a super blessed day.