Just a note about how we can help you and the people you care about. 

Yes, the market is super slow right now. Yes, we still have clients selling and buying right now.  

But it’s not because they found a more exciting house or because they want to stretch out into four bedrooms with a den instead of their three-bedroom starter house.  

Instead, they physically can’t keep up with house maintenance. Or the family no longer wants to travel that far to the 2nd home. Or they (and their two-year-old) had been sharing a two-bedroom apartment with in-laws. Or someone passed away. 

This is a “Needs” market. Not a “Wants” market.  

Two things this market does for you as our client. 

First, Sarah and I are scouring the small number of homes available. We’re finding the best opportunities for our buyers. Sometimes we even get the sellers to pay for our buyers’ closing costs. Ask us how that works to keep more cash in your pocket up-front. We’re getting contingent offers accepted. And we even had a seller agree to finance the purchase for one of our buyers. (Now that’s still unusual- but it happened!) 

Second, we’re taking more phone calls about how to help you stay in your home with peace of mind. If you don’t want to move yet, let us problem-solve with you to stay. I met with two estate attorneys last month so I could give personal recommendations to one of my sweet widow clients. Today I gave other clients their home’s value so they can restructure debt and could provide their home’s equity (with more than a guess).

We’re not new to real estate, and we’re not backing out now. If you’re looking for a Realtor team who is fully engaged and ready to put 20 years of experience to work on your needs, call us at 425-422-7372 or you can email us at Sandy@SandyAndCompany.com