Here are a few tips to help you get your house ready for winter.

Happy Autumn! Sandy here with Sandy and Company, and I have three house tips that you need to take care of this fall. Whether you are a do-it-yourself or you hire out a contractor, there are three things that are super important this fall that you need to pay attention to now that the weather is turning. 

The first one is those things right there: gutters. Gutters, full gutters, unattended gutters, are one of the harshest things that I’ve seen that just, over time, can deteriorate your roof. Keep those gutters empty. If you have to empty them now and then, come back again later because you’ve got so many trees around you, then that just may be the case. But you want to make sure that those gutters are clean, and that those downspouts are empty, and the water is going the way it should away from the house, and not under your house, and not up into your roof. Take care of the water; it’s super important.

Tip number two for the house that you have to pay attention to is your smoke detectors. Have you replaced your batteries for your smoke detectors? If not, then now is the time to pay attention to it. Change those batteries so those smoke detectors are reliable all winter long. And the next thing that’s super important is servicing that furnace. Got my AC out here, my neighbor has his heat pump over there. It’s going to make sure that your furnace is serviced and it is ready to go. Those temperatures are about to start dropping if they haven’t already, and you don’t want to get into freezing weather and then find out that the heater is not working. That is not comfortable for anyone, especially because you’ll be in the same boat with a lot of other people, and you don’t want to be put on a waiting list. So make sure that you have heat, get that furnace serviced now.

“There are three things that are super important this fall that you need to pay attention to.”

Switching to the backyard, I’ve got two tips for you in the backyard. You want to make sure that the leaves are picked up. Not all my leaves have fallen yet, so my guys haven’t had to do a whole lot of raking. But the pear trees and the apple trees, from what I understand, is that those leaves need to be picked up so that the bugs and little stuff that crawls in there do not contaminate the roots and keep your trees healthy and strong for the next year’s fruit. And then, once you’ve picked up the leaves, fertilize. So now is the time to get a little fertilizer in that grass and in your trees and let that sit over the winter time and soak in so that you’ve got a strong crop for next year.

If you are looking for the right home that you want to make sure you do all these things too with love and attention, we’re glad to help you out with that. If your home no longer fits or if there are even too many things for you to take care of to get ready for winter and next spring, then maybe now’s the time to take a look at that too, and we’re glad to help out. Have a super blessed day! Have a super blessed day! If you don’t have a contractor to help you out with these things and you’re not ready to get out there and clean those gutters yourself, call me, and we’ll find somebody for you to make sure that those gutters get clean, that furnace gets serviced, the smoke detector batteries get replaced, the yard gets raked, the grass gets fertilized, and we are here, ready to help you make your life better. Stay safe, stay healthy, and I’m excited to talk with you about your real estate needs.