Get hyped and ready for your transaction with this recent success story.

Hey there. Sandy with Sandy & Company, and I want to talk with you about today’s real estate market. It’s a lot of work, but we are ready.

Last fall, one of my clients reached out because it was time to sell their rental. They’ve had it for years. The current tenants were fabulous. They wanted to give them an opportunity to purchase first.

We had them talk with their lender, but they couldn’t finance. So we went in and took a look around to see what we needed to do. Made an appointment with a tenant to take pictures. But when we came there to take the pictures, the tenant was gone, kind of moved out. Stuff didn’t look great. We had work to do.

So there we started. We brought someone in, got it cleaned up. Things that were fixed got repaired. We then scheduled pictures and listed it for sale. We did an open house and we got an offer right away.

But then during the inspection, the gal decided there was just maybe a little bit too much work for her. And she decided to move on. Okay. So then we put it back on the market. Do more open houses, get another buyer. That one didn’t really finance quite as well as they thought. The lender sent an approval letter, but they weren’t really approved. So that one went away.

And then we jumped in with a third lender. This one has a group of three parents and a daughter. And they are so excited. We’ve gone through the whole process and in two days, it will actually sell and be done.

We’re pretty sure, all t’s are crossed and all i’s are dotted. But you know what? This is real estate. It’s never done until it’s done. And that’s why you have us here. There are things we need to look at all along the way. We have conversations with the lenders. We have conversations with the agents about what we need to do to make sure that it’s going to follow through.

“Real estate transactions are never one-size-fits-all.”

This buyer wanted to do one kind of financing, but they were able to do another. The first one would be cheaper for them, but the second was more secure for us. So what do we do? We say, You know what? We will give you time to work on it.

But if it doesn’t happen, then you need to switch. And guess what? They had to switch. But it was okay because this is what we do. We like to make sure that it’s a win for the buyer, it’s a win for the seller. And we have experienced professionals on both sides of this transaction to make sure they’re going to get to the finish line.

Like I said, this market is more work than we’ve had in times past. It’s not just that you throw a sign up in the yard and it’s sold and it closes a week later. That’s not the way things happen.

But we are here to help. So who do you know who needs an experienced realtor by their side to walk them through the ups and the downs and the sideways to make sure that they get to the finish line? The only line that counts in real estate. 

We are here to help. Reach out. Message me, text me, email me. We are here. We’re available, and we’re ready to talk to you and help you with that 20 plus years of experience, who has an experience of problem solving to get you across the finish line.

Have a super blessed day. Stay safe and healthy and we’re excited to talk with you about your real estate needs.