The path to a brighter future for everyone starts with just a single step.

Today we’re talking about how bright is your future. I have the distinct pleasure of helping my son pick out his first home right now. It’s going to be a condo near work and he is so excited talking about how he’s going to be able to have his friends over, have the youth group over to play games, and even we’ll be invited for Thanksgiving dinner.

His excitement reminds me how important it is that we have great plans to look forward to. That we have hopes, that we have dreams, and that we have a confident expectation that our future is going to be bright and have good things in it for us. I think that’s why God tells us that he has a plan and a purpose for us and it is good and not for evil.

“Take that first step …”

Looking at our lives right now, how much do you have that’s really good that you’re looking forward to and what are you doing step by step to get there? This was a process for Tony. He actually moved back in with us and he’s been paying rent while he’s been getting ready to buy his home. He’s also taken steps to make sure that his credit is right and he did that several months before we even started to look. 

If there’s something that you can do to make your future brighter and make it positive and make it something that’s really exciting to look forward to, take that first step. Whether it’s today or this week, what can you do right now to make your present look like yesterday’s future?

Have an amazing day. If there is something I can help you with house-wise to make your future turn into your present, let me know. We’re here to help. Stay safe, stay healthy, and most of all, be blessed. I’ll talk to you soon.