It’s funny how a solitary, rhythmic activity brings out the philosophic and spiritual in me. This weekend I was pressure washing the driveway and had plenty of time to think.

We hadn’t washed the driveway for several years. Yes, it wasn’t sparkling, but it hadn’t jumped out to me as “OhMyGoshDirty!” I mean, it’s a driveway. How clean is clean? 

Like much in life, we don’t realize how little things build up over time. Little things impact our upkeep, diet, relationships with family, relationship with God…  

In this case, once I started cleaning I realized quickly what the driveway used to look like. Take a look: the build-up was remarkable, right?

But also like in life and relationships, one time through wasn’t quite enough. The spray knocked dirt mostly in the direction I aimed, but also back where I’d been. So I had to go over each area multiple times.  

I wish home upkeep was a one-time event, but in six months or a year, I’ll be out here again. I don’t mind so much though. When I finish, I look back at my home and fall in love again.

When it’s important, it takes focus and energy. My home is important. As is my other upkeep, diet, relationships with family, relationship with God… 

I wish you all sufficient time, resources, and energy to focus on the important parts of your life. If I can help you with any of your real estate needs, I am here and ready to help. In fact, we even lend out our pressure washer and other tools to our friends, clients, and community neighbors (See 

But the person to manage the machine? You’ll have to supply that yourself. 

Be blessed!