Here’s why I don’t mind picking up after others in my community.

Today we’re talking about how to make our little corner of the world better. Lots of us these days are taking walks out around the neighborhood and down through the parks. We know it’s good for our health. We know it’s good for our dogs if we have them. I’ve got a puppy down here with me right now. 

When we’re taking those walks, whether it’s around our own homes or in other spaces we really enjoy, there’s often trash we don’t want to see. Maybe somebody left their lunch stuff behind, their Taco Bell bag. Maybe somebody was walking their dog and didn’t have a bag. We can hope that’s why they didn’t pick up. 

There are things that make it not so nice for us to do our own walking and our own enjoying. We could probably complain about that a bit. But instead of complaining, I often take an extra bag and pick up the trash right around my own neighborhood. I’m not picking up the whole trash. I’m not going out every day intending to pick up all the trash I see. But if there’s something obvious that’s easy for me to grab, I just pick it up. 

If I’m walking along the trail (I like to go down here off of Sunnyside and walk along the slough there) and I see a dog pile, I’ll make a note to grab it on the way back if I’ve got space in the bag, I’ll toss it in there with whatever Harley put in. I’m not a big good Samaritan. I just know that I like having my space look good and look clean.

“It’s just part of what we do to make our corners look better.”

I like having my house look clean, and it always feels better when it gets picked up. So I just do it a little around in my own neighborhood as well and the spaces that I enjoy. Likewise, I have a colleague who, when he walks around his lake, he takes a grabber and a bag and he picks up the trash as well.

It’s just part of what we do to make our corners look better. We enjoy it, our neighbors enjoy it, and when we have a clean space that looks unusual when it’s dirty, somebody else is likely to help pick it up as well because they want to keep it the same way. 

If there’s anything we can do for you house-wise, please be sure and let me know. It is a majorly hot market right now, there is so much going on, and there is lots of protection that is needed for both sellers and for buyers. Give me a call if you are looking to sell and we’ll be glad to walk you through that process. If you are looking to buy, it is an incredibly tight opportunity, but there are still opportunities there and every one of our buyers has been taken care of. We may still be a process, but we’re getting it done. 

I look forward to talking with you. Enjoy the sunshine– when we get it out here it is such a treat! And I look forward to talking with you when I can help you with your real estate needs. Have a super blessed day!