The fall is a great time to buy or sell a home in the Puget Sound area. Here’s why.

I always get that question: Is it a good time to buy? Autumn is an amazing time because on both the buying and the selling side, buyers and sellers need to make this happen and there is much more motivation and much less competition.

The short answer is, “Yes! It’s a great time to sell your house.” And the short answer is, “Yes! It is a great time to buy a house.” You have fewer sellers to compete with, and the ones that are out there really need to make it happen.

“Today is the right day to start the conversation.”

If you are looking for a new key under your Christmas tree this year, or if you’re looking to have a big space where that old house used to be, talk to me today. Today is the right day to start that conversation to make sure that you can get into the next home or out of the last home when it’s important for you. If you are looking to buy or sell, go ahead and click that box above to either ask for your home’s value in today’s market or to see all area homes. We are here to help you today in this market in October 2019. Have an amazing day and I look forward to talking with you then.