When this client needed help to fix a problem, my team was there.

Today I’d like to share how we helped our client. 

A couple years ago, one of my former neighbors started asking me about the home he used to live in. He was renting it to his daughter and her family at a very subsidized rate. And he was ready to be done with that arrangement, to get that house off his shoulders and off the things he was paying for every month. 

The first question was whether his daughter could buy the house. I connected them with my lender. He talked with both the daughter and her family, as well as my client Charlie, and his wife. Ultimately they decided that it really wasn’t the best option for her. 

So his daughter moved out and it was time to sell. The house needed a little work, but it cleaned up nicely and it didn’t take long—even at the beginning of COVID-19. In less than a week, we secured three offers and we accepted one that was over asking price from a strong buyer. The inspection went okay, but there were a few things that came up. My seller agreed to pay for electrical and plumbing repairs and to have the rodents cleaned out.

“We have the connections to make sure it’s a great experience for you..”

That’s when I called my people. I have a great electrician, a great plumber, and a fabulous clean-out guy who came and did all the work. And they waited until the property sold to get paid since my seller didn’t have the funds readily available. My sellers were incredibly relieved to know that this work was taken care of for them, that they didn’t have to give the money up front, and that their buyer was going to be well cared for in a solid house that’s going to serve them for many years to come—happy all around!

Who’s the next person you know who’s looking for that Realtor who’s both patient (this took a couple of years, remember) and efficient? We’ve got the resources and we have the connections to make sure it’s a great experience for you. Send me their contact information, and we’ll take great care of them because that is what we do for you and for everyone you care about. 

Have an amazing day, be blessed, stay healthy, and I look forward to talking to you when there’s anything that I can do for in real estate.