Summer can be a great time for some to-do list items around the house that are a little more weather-dependent. There are five things in particular that you should consider doing to your Puget Sound home this summer while the weather’s fine:

1. Paint: Houses get thirsty! They need to be caulked and painted, which are the first barriers for water damage in your house.

2. Taking care of your windows: Popped seals are a common issue here, so now is the time to look into new vinyl windows. The perfect window is one that doesn’t draw attention to the window itself, just what’s on the other side.

3. Fences: Look now while it’s sunny and (hopefully) not raining. Keep your fences strong to keep the pets in and add beauty to your property. There are plenty of options that will fit almost any budget whether that’s chain link, cedar, or something in between.

“Where do you gather with your family and friends?”

4. The driveway:This could mean just cleaning if there are no big cracks that trip people or chunks of grass growing through. I’ll even lend you my power washer if you need it! Is it time to pour new concrete? Options from aggregate to stamping designs can change your driveway to beautiful and inviting.

5. Yard space: Where do you gather with your family and friends? Updating your yard can be as easy as putting in a fire pit, or you could go the outdoor kitchen route with a grill, oven, and a cover for year-round entertaining. Covered decks and patios are important in our part of the country where clear skies are a little less dependable. You could also add in some game spots like horseshoes or a volleyball net. Make your yard a place that you can enjoy as an extension of your home.

If you have any questions or you’re looking for recommendations for the best tasks to tackle in your home this summer, or you’re looking to make a move this season, give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to help you!