The truth is that the one-liners we see are not really the whole story. I have a tendency, like many others, to feel like my reality is wrapped up in this very moment. But when I slow down and wait for the story to unfold, oftentimes it just keeps getting better. I love that a lot.

Last month, I had four buyers: Two offers got accepted, and two offers got turned down. The short story is that the market is already starting to pick up with that spring intensity that we’re expecting.

“What we really need to be asking is, “What can we do for you today?””

And still there’s another part of that story: This last week, the second two sellers came back to my buyers and said, “Let’s take another look at this.”

“How’s the market?” is too big a question—too broad. What we really need to be asking is, “What can we do for you today?” And then we sit down, maybe grab a cup of tea, and then talk about where you are right now, what you’re looking for in your home, and how we can help you over the long run.

Have an amazing day! We are so excited to talk with you about how we can help if you’re looking to buy or sell a home.