Today I’m out at a new construction site with one of my buyers who’s doing their inspection, and we had a great time.One of the things I really love about real estate is that I get to help each individual family in whatever story they’re in right then. 

Two weeks ago, I listed a house. Then I held an open house for it on each of our snowy Saturdays. When I talked to a contractor who was working on the bathroom, he asked, “Why would you hold an open house when most people can’t get out here?” The answer is simple: I’ve been hired to do a job. And we’re going to do the best possible job for our clients every way we can. We’ve got great systems to help our clients on a regular basis so that when something is extenuating, like snow, we’re able to stretch out so that our clients’ needs are met.  

I love my job. I love being able to let people know that I can help you through a process that can be really tricky and hairy.We can provide some sanity and peace and give you a home or a relief on the other end that really works for you. 

That’s what I love about real estate. 

If you know anyone who’s thinking that houses are cool and they love people, I’d love to talk with them. We have a couple of opportunities both on our team and in our office, and I’d love to see if there would be a fit for them.

“We can provide some sanity and peace and give you something on the other end that really works for you.”

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Thanks so much and have an amazing day! Let’s talk houses!