My advice on doing home improvement projects yourself versus hiring a pro.

This end of the summer,

I was looking at a pergola and it needed staining. Of the things that need to be done around my house, this was something I felt I could do and do fairly well.

It started out with even just clearing off the deck so I could make room for ladders. What do you know? I dropped the petunia planter and made a big hole in my deck.

I just continued to slow way down and do the best I could. Of course, I patched the hole and kept going. I cleared off the hardware from where we hang the awnings. I unscrewed those and did as much as I could to be ready to simply be up there and painting/staining, to get the job done. On the whole, it has gone really well.

“How far do you get into a job before you decide to hand it over to the professional?”

On the other hand, I look closer during clean up each time and I see splotches. I see flecks going on to the windows, onto the siding- most of which I can get off, but not all. Or when I was trying to stain the edge of those points, I can’t reach all the way out to the end, at least not to the farthest square corner on this side. So the question is: when do I decide to hire a professional?

See that plywood down there? That’s where the hole was. And I won’t even bother getting the close ups. But these are where I kept spilling little spots underneath when I was leaning way out. And no, this isn’t finished, but I’m liking how it’s overall looking. 

But the next question is when do I hire a professional? What this has shown me is that yes, for my pergola, I am going to do it great. And the next homeowner, whoever and whenever that is, will be able to appreciate what I’ve done.

On the other hand, I have some interior painting work that needs to be done, and I’d really like to make sure that my carpet stays in good shape and I’d like to make sure that my trim stays in good shape. So I’m planning to hire a professional for that. But where is that line for you?

How much do you do yourself?  How much do you let a professional tackle? How far do you get into a job before you decide to hand it over to the professional? Those are great questions that I can’t answer for you, but I can say think about it ahead of time. Make the best, most rational decision that is responsible and then move forward. If you decide that the next project you’re jumping into is even more exciting because the last one went so well, then great! Or if you’re going to hire out the professional for the next one from the get-go, just take a lesson and move on.

When you have questions, homeownership or home change, we are glad to be that resource for you. Shoot me your questions. And when your home doesn’t fit, we are an excellent resource for that too. Have a super blessed day. Stay safe, stay healthy, be blessed and we will talk with you soon.