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"They did really well. They worked together so they communicate well with each other to be able to communicate with me as their client I just feel like they did a really good job. I think both Sandy and her assistants are really great especially as you know like I just said communication is really important and she's very good at that and also very good at giving advice. Both my husband and I had been real estate agents years ago so I guess we have a tendency to be a little more picky but Sandy really offered great advice for us and we followed it."

- Christie

"She's very thorough. She was looking out for my best interest. She communicated often keeping me in the loop. I could reach her anytime I needed to. She's great, I could not be happier."

- Colleen

"It was very clear and very professional. Sandy let me know right up front how things were going to go. Sandy was able to get what she thought was fair but also possible for me. She was real but also tried to work in my benefit as much as possible. Whenever I had questions Sandy was right there to help me out."

- Jason

"She basically just narrowed in on exactly what I wanted. I just wanted a place that wasn't gigantic. Something around 850 square feet. And I ended up in this place and I really like it it's nice. The process was super easy and Sandy is always great so I have no complaints or anything it was pretty smooth. Sandy always you know wants to make sure I get the best deal so trust her implicitly."

- Erinn

"She has a lot of experience. She's also very hard-working. She took the ferry because the property I did end up buying was on the Olympic Peninsula, so she had to take the ferry over there a couple of times. She even met the inspector, and after the repairs were done she went back there and had to take another ferry. What I expected, she went over and above. She negotiated some different aspects of it and was very good at the negotiation. She did it very kindly, with integrity and professional kindness, and I really, really liked that because that's the kind of person I am. It was a pleasure to work with her and have her represent myself and my family."

- Barbara

"She was recommended by our realtor that sold our old home, and we met with her and liked her. So we kind of set up the parameters of what we were looking for and spent a couple weekends looking with her, and we found our home. We'd made an offer on a first house, and we had an inspector come in, and I think that saved us from making a poor decision, so I think she stepped in and had the right people to recommend and a get a hold of, and was able to get it done for us in a timely manner. She's great, very helpful. After talking to us for a little bit, she pretty much knew what we were looking for, and the nice thing was that every time something came on the market that was what we were kind of looking for, I'd say "yea" or "nay." There wasn't a lot of legwork and having to look at stuff we weren't interested in. She's really nice, outgoing, and we enjoyed our time with her."

- Jeannette

"She worked with us on our previous transaction and stayed in touch, so we went with her for the sale of our home. She was always really thorough. She's good at follow-through and getting back to folks in a timely manner."


“I met her because she was coming door to door for a project she was doing, and then I got her card. I told her that I was thinking of selling my house. So then I contacted her, and she came over and spoke to my husband and I, and she was just so informative. She really put our minds at ease. She just walked through the house and said, "You're almost ready. You're ready." So we sat down and she explained everything thoroughly and then we signed the contract with her. She would call us almost every day to give us an update on what we were going to do and what we needed to do, and what she was doing. Then we had the open house on a Saturday and a Sunday, and we got an offer, I think, before the open house. We had several offers and she was just the best. She always kept in contact with us; always kept us informed of everything that was going on. I mean, even after the funding went in. I've talked to her 2 or 3 times since I moved to Arizona. I would recommend her to anyone. She was just so good and so was her assistant. She would help us in any way. She was there; she's always there for us. She is very knowledgeable. When we moved here, we were going to move in with my children, but at first, I wanted to go back to Washington because Arizona is too hot. So I contacted her to see if she could help me with a rental there, which she did right away. She was there even if we wanted just to rent. So, I would recommend her to anyone for any real estate questions or assistance."


“Sandy helped walk us through the system, getting our house ready for sale, letting us know what was and was not worth fixing, and just completing the process satisfactorily. She was very responsive to our questions when those would arise, and we communicated quite frequently by text. She probably made a couple of extra visits to our home just to help us address some situations. And I just felt very, very listened to and like our transaction was important to her. I would say that she is a very pleasant professional, that she will shoot straight with you, but that she will also listen to you and consider your input.I would unreservedly recommend her to help anybody for their buying or selling needs."


“She was going around our neighborhood…handing out flyers…stopped and talked to my husband and he really liked her. He liked the way she presented herself and that she also lived in our neighborhood. He came in and told me about her and I was rather surprised because he doesn’t usually take to people quickly but she really impressed him and that meant something to me. We used her and we were extremely happy. When we were having trouble with getting some of things through inspection or repaired she really made the effort to help, to be there when contractors had to come in because we were 250 miles away. And she made the effort to find contractors that were reputable and she followed through. She did a really, really good job. We were very, very happy with her. She’s awesome. She helps and she’s honest, she’s worth every penny that it cost us and we were very, very happy with her."

-Debbie B

“We had a very unique property, we had a beach home on the Tulalip Reservation. I had gotten a flyer from Sandy in the mail that she had just sold a house on the Indian reservation so that was why I felt that she would be a good candidate for me to interview as a possible Realtor for our property. We had an outdoor vehicular or tram and one of the Realtors that had shown the house had unfortunately broken it and my husband was on his way from the airport but didn’t have the keys to our beach house because we live in Sequim. And she met him out there at 9:30 at night to give him the keys to the beach house. She always went above and beyond to try and help. I’d tell you that Sandy was very straight-forward and always had your interest at heart and that she was a great Realtor and that we really enjoyed working with her. She was very pleasant all the time, she was someone that we knew we could count on. We had a very difficult situation, we had to have a cash buyer. She was persistent and patient enough to have us two seasons, not just one, but two seasons it took to sell our house. She was just great, we really enjoyed working with her.


“I talked to my mortgage representative that was doing my loan and asked him if he had any real estate agents that he could recommend who could help me and my sister look for a duplex and he gave me Sandy’s phone number. From the beginning she was really convenient with our hours and with communication. We work and we have a baby and sometimes we’re better by text, email, or our hours are crazy and she’s always able to get back to us. And if she doesn’t answer she texts you right away and lets you know ‘I will call you back.’ She’s really good with communication. There was a couple of times where because the property we bought was for me, my sister, and our husbands and if we didn’t understand something she would come to our house to get us all together and go over everything. Even if it was at 9 PM, 10 PM she was really convenient with our hours because it was really hard for all of us to get together and she made it work, even if it had to be at 10 at night. If you want to work with someone that’s personal, nice, convenient, and will go above and beyond to help you find your home she is the right person. She kept us very up to date with everything that was going on during the process of getting our house.”


“Well I met Sandy through a mutual friend who recommended her. I was retiring and planning to move and I needed to sell my house so I got in touch with her through this mutual friend and we had great first impression. Then she did some assessments on my home for me and came back with what she thought would be a very reasonable price to put on it and we went ahead with it. That’s how I met her. We were actually out of town when we put the house on the market and my neighborhood is a really friendly neighborhood and my neighbor below me, after we put the house on the market, she thought someone had broken in. Some kids. So she had called the police while I was in Colorado, my house is in Washington state. And Sandy took over and because she had a key to the house and could let the police in and everything. She came down and went out of her way to make sure everything was safe and secure and it turned out to be a false alarm which was great. But I have to give her absolute kudos for going above and beyond and coming down and opening my house up for the police that night. She’s available, available, available! For questions, for answers, for getting together, she came over several times when I had questions. I would say she is wise in her assessment of what a house could be on the market for. But I think she just had her thumb on the pulse of the market while our house was on the market. I really appreciated that because I’d been in that house for over 20 years. She’s a wonderful woman, I really, really enjoyed working with her. I really appreciated that I could contact her either in text message, or over the phone or email, it didn’t matter. She was attentive. So please, anything I can do to help Sandy do well, I want to do.”


“I’d been wanting to move for a long time and I always put it off and I finally just got to the point where I had to get something bigger. My family needed a bigger home. I went to my banker, I got myself a pre-approval letter, and he suggested Sandy. So I made an appointment and went and saw her and started looking at homes. This was 8 or 9 months ago, probably May, June, or July. I wanted to move before the school year started because I have children. What ended up happening was she showed me probably a dozen or more homes. We’d go see 3 or 4 houses. We went around my normal area. We went as far as Issaquah to look at homes all over the area. She sat down with me several times and there just wasn’t anything that was right, that really fit my family’s needs. Everything we saw wasn’t quite right. I really backed off for the winter and then I decided that I wanted to get really serious about it again. I called Sandy, I’d been in touch with her ever since then, sending emails back and forth just really trying to find the right home. And we finally settled. We saw three homes…we saw one house and it was almost. The next home we saw was perfect. We saw one more home but we were deciding on the offer we were going to make on the previous home in the kitchen of the last home that we were looking at. It just really clicked and that was the right one and Sandy helped us through the process. We went back and forth with the inspection and the whole process was just great. We ended up buying and now I am currently trying to sell my next home and she’s already come over and walked us through and talked about where I need to be. I’m looking to put it up on the market next week some time. She tolerated all of my nonsense and just attitude and she was just extremely patient and just worked with me...She’s level-headed and professional even though I’m not. She was really, really patient with the whole process. You have to know me, but when I say, “Hey, somebody actually got along with me and tolerated me for this long!” One friend I recommended her to, my friend told me that we should give her a medal for her efforts!”

- Kevin

“She was very easy to work with, very professional and it ended in purchasing our home. She regularly went above and beyond, I just got a sense that she was very in tune with her job and she was always giving us helpful advice.”

- Jasen S.

“When I wanted to put my house up for sale, I knew that Sandy was familiar with the neighborhood. She listed it and within four days it was sold. I was very happy with the quick work that she did for me. It was good. She always works good, she always does above what she needs to do. Everything that Sandy does it just seems like it is top, top notch. I would recommend her to anybody.”

- Jim T.

“Well the results were fantastic. She guided me through the whole process, she was there when I got crazy and helped me. I can’t say enough about her. I’m very pleased with everything she did for me and she was right there all the time doing what had to be done and keeping me informed. I’m very satisfied with her. You know buying a house is so confusing, but she was right there with all the answers and guiding me through it, and just the whole thing. She’s always there. And that’s what I like about her, and she tells you up front what it is, what’s going on, how it’s going to happen. I’ve bought houses before and it’s never been this easy. I mean I’m not saying it was perfectly easy because there’s always things that the lenders do, but she was always right there for me."

- Charlene

'“I thought she went beyond my expectation as far as working on our behalf. I was very pleased with the way she was able to act as a go-between between ourselves and the builder. She was effective and she put forth more effort than most people would usually do, so I was very pleased. And she was easy to work with, with us. I was really glad to have her as my Realtor. The builder made a commitment to us that he later reneged on and she took it upon herself to write a request explaining our particular difficult situation that he would reconsider. And they did try to reconsider and do what they could to help us out. I don’t think that would have happened if she hadn’t stuck her neck out for us."

- Merry

"I’ve worked with Sandy before so I had utter confidence in what she suggested as a listing price. When she listed it I signed the papers and two seconds later the sign went up and about an hour and a half later I can’t even begin to tell you how many agents walked in with their clients. That was on a Thursday and we had all the offers that we needed by Saturday. What more can I say. I was hysterical because I didn’t expect it to happen that fast. She was very calming to me because I really was [hysterical]. I thought I’d have a couple weeks or something, I didn’t expect to have an offer in two days. She not only calmed me, she had an open house. You know I was saying let’s forget the open house and she said no, this can make the difference between the listing price or less. So I said okay, fine. In order to prep the house she had equipment that I could borrow that was so very necessary such as a power washer, a rug cleaner. This woman is on the ball. I will tell you at the close of sale things went a little screwy and she knocked herself to make things right for me. I can’t praise her enough."

- Mary

"She was very pleasant and she did a fantastic job for us, we were very, very pleased with her. I’ve lived in the same house for like 27 years so I haven’t dealt with very many Realtors, but I know quite a few and she was just very pleasant, we enjoyed working with her. She did a good job for us."

- Nancy

"Sandy is one of the most positive, upbeat, motivated, caring and just plain nice people I have ever worked with. I believe she is actually interested in helping improve the lives of each and every client that is lucky enough to have come in contact with her. We had a unique situation with pretty specific needs in finding the right house. We searched and searched with Sandy and her team, looking at house after house. We looked at so many I was worried about Sandy giving up on us. She never did at all. We finally found "the house" and Sandy negotiated a great deal for us. The very night we signed the agreement the winds came up and blew not one but three trees down on the house destroying much of the upper level. Sandy was out there with us every step again and when it became apparent the repair project would not meet our time frame needs, it was off to look at more houses. I just knew now she had to be sick of us and would send us on our way to find another agent, but not a chance. With the same care and energy from day one she set out to find us a great home. After many more appointments and miles and miles of travel for Sandy and her team, we found an even better home in a beautiful location with plenty of room and trees to enjoy for years to come. I am amazed that Sandy always had the same big smile and enthusiasm at each property we viewed and I believe that that through all this journey to find our home we were so very lucky to have come across Sandy Eagon."

- John. J.

“The house had four offers in four days and went for $40,000 above asking. We had looked for a property two years prior, she had helped us. We had looked at 10 different options and didn’t pull the trigger on any of them and she was fine with it. We apologized and she said there’s no obligation there so we wanted to stick with her when two years later my parents were listing their house. She was really easy to work with, easy to get ahold of. Text, email, or phone. If she didn’t answer she would call back within an hour, so if you had questions it was really easy to get ahold of her.”

- Reed

“Well we had Sandy as our buying agent and we purchased our home and we closed on time and we had our house and everything was taken care of on the backend. I didn’t really have to worry about much. I was informed at all times of where the progress was at and what the issues might be and any flags that could have potentially been there in the process. I felt very looped in but at the same time I didn’t have to ask for it. They were visibly and notably on top of everything. There was something that, because we were buying in contingencies so there were some issues on my selling end. My selling agent wasn’t really involved enough and taking care of the process enough so Sandy just jumped in and reached out to the right people and tried to understand what the issues are and she helped us figure it out. That definitely wasn’t her job to do. She also put us in touch with some CPAs and lawyers when we had some tax questions about the buying. So, definitely quite a few instances, these are just the two that are top of mind.”


“We got a house we wanted, we got rid of a house we didn’t want. In spite of all the little things that were caused by other things outside of her control it went really well. The buyers of our house that we were [selling] were making it difficult and she was going out of her way to help us get everything taken care of. Getting it repaired, she actually supplied us with a moving truck and couple of strong guys to help us move since we got behind the 8-ball between the buyers of our old house and getting into our new house. I mean considering all the stuff that happened it went really well. I mean there was a lot of things that got in the way, a lot of circumstantial stuff that doesn’t normally happen in the process of buying and selling homes and she was working for us on the selling and the buying aspect. Considering all the stuff that tried to sidetrack us it all went really well and she kept going above and beyond to get us where we needed to be and get into the new house.”


"Well the best way to answer that question would be that this was actually the second offer we made on a house. And the first offer we made we didn't get any feedback and the offer was turned down. But then the second offer we got some feedback from Sandy and that feedback is what helped us get the offer. It wasn't like it was a lot of information, but it was exactly what we needed because we had no idea what we were doing. This was the first time we bought a house. The Realtor we were working with wasn't as helpful but Sandy was showing the house that we eventually bought and she gave us the right tools that we needed. Other than that she was very helpful about letting us know on a day-to-day basis, schedules and things of that nature. I almost wish she'd been our Realtor, would have been really nice."


"Oh the results were fantastic. We looked for a house for several years and Sandy was always there for us. She'd constantly send us updates on notes, she was right on top of everything as far as what we were looking for. We called on a Wednesday or a Thursday and said, "We're coming down for the weekend, can you meet us?" And she was there on Saturday and had houses lined up for us to look at and we bought one of those."

- Marvin

“It was great, everybody in their office, and Sandy included, handled my stress. I was crying sometimes I had to pay a bill, there was a lien on my home that I knew nothing about and they were so genuinely nice. They didn’t judge, it was just, it was great. If I had to ever do anything again she’d be my lady I’d call. I did a lot of the selling of the home, the short sale, without my husband, I mean because he was so busy, but they handled my stress. Every question, she was right there. She was like, I’ll show it, get the house and get all the paperwork [ready] don’t worry. That was above and beyond. A lot of people think oh they’re doing a short sale, no big thing. Or you know, oh look at them, they didn’t criticize or judge or do any of that and I felt comfortable with that. It made me feel good.”

- Jodi

“We had been trying to sell our house with a different agent. [Then] we got Sandy. Very much of a go getter and which was appreciated because my husband and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to set up things like open houses and what not. I mean she did a lot of work setting up open houses and marketing it. [She] had a great photographer come in. If something needed to be checked at the house, my husband and I were both out of the house for a time, and sometimes we’d need a quick turnaround on looking at something and we wouldn’t be able to make it up and so she’d actually go over and handle it. Like I think there were a couple times she took the garbage can down from the road. Which I wasn’t even expecting her to do that. But that was fantastic. We had a question of the square footage and she actually went over and measured the whole house and you know did a quick estimate there just to do a quick sanity check. So that was really good.”

- Genevieve

“She was really responsive and prompt and pleasant and friendly and helpful. She totally helped my husband stage the house because I was out of town before the photographer came and I felt bad. It was definitely above and beyond because well, it should have been something that we would have done. I was happy about that because I couldn’t help.“

- Cindy and Carl

“Oh Sandy was great, we really appreciated her help, she was awesome. We were going to see some houses that she had listed that she found for us to look at and on the way my wife saw an open house. We stopped, we liked that place and it wasn’t listed with Sandy, we told her about it and she said would you like to make an offer, we made an offer and she coordinated the whole thing with the other realtor and we ended up getting the house and it was fantastic for us throughout the whole process. She was available night and day no matter what time or always willing to listen to our questions, was very responsive, text, email, or by phone [we] could always get ahold of her or she would be calling us back or contacting us right away whenever we had any type of questions, concerns, or misunderstandings. [She] was very patient but also really good at communicating and helping us through the whole process and teaching us how the whole thing worked and she was great.”

- Adam

“Well I had a very difficult and complex situation, they really helped explain to me all the process and understand everything and were just always there if I had any questions or they were always available to answer my questions if I started freaking out about something or misunderstood something, they were always there to help calm me down and keep me focused.”

- George-Marie

“To me, she did exactly what I asked her to do and she paid for a photographer to take professional pictures and she was great, she was awesome!”

- Barb

“She is amazing, absolutely wonderful! We got our house within 30 days of closing, we told her we needed a certain date and she got it by the certain date. She’s absolutely wonderful and I’m going to tell all of my wonderful friends about her.”

- Paula



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