Hey there, Sandy with Sandy & Company! Today we’re talking about planting seeds.

Now they say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a garden. Here at the office, we made a little garden with two raised beds about three or four years ago. I noticed when I got out of my car today that not only was this raised bed filled with kale that got planted when we started on the garden, but it had spilled over the sides into the weeds around it. These gardens were not watered over the summertime—they were actually sorely neglected, and guess what’s coming back? Kale. Lots and lots of it.

“Anything that is big and worth doing is worth doing one step at a time.”

So if you like kale chips, this is a great time to come on down, and if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, talk to me. Let’s do something one step at a time. If you need to pay down debt, if you need to get your credit in better shape, plant seeds. Plant seeds today that will grow. You will water them, you will fertilize them, and even if you neglect them for a while, guess what? The steps that you take right now are going to pay off down the road. I guarantee it.

Call me today, whether you’re looking to sell or buy a house. We’ll let you know the strategies to get top dollar and how we can help you and your real estate needs. Thanks so much! Have an amazing day. Plant some seeds, and let’s talk about the harvest. Have a great day.