Today I wanted to talk about land on the Tulalip Reservation, which can either be leased land or it can be deeded.

If it’s leased, then the lease is either through the Tulalip Tribe or through the Fryberg family.

When the land is owned by the tribe you pay them a monthly lease fee that’s based on the value of the land and reassessed every three years.

When you lease from the Fryberg family—who are part of the Tulalip Tribe and own the land—you pay an annual lease fee to them. The Fryberg leases are overseen by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Fryberg family leased land is reassessed every five years.

“When you buy a home on Tulalip leased land, you pay a monthly or annual lease fee.”

When you buy a property that is leased land, you’re buying the improvements on the land, as well as the rights to exclusively use the land. Much like deeded land, no one else can claim rights to use it during your lease period.

When you buy a deeded property on the Tulalip Reservation, your rights are exactly like buying anywhere else. The only difference is that you’ll pay a 1% fee to the Tulalip Tribe when you sell.

If you have any questions about tribal land or leased/deeded property, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I am more than happy to help!