Here’s a story about how we helped our clients who were going through rough times.

I got a call a couple of months ago from one of our clients. They were a cute, young couple who bought their house at the end of 2019. Unfortunately, this last year was really hard on them, and now they’re getting a divorce. It’s really hard for people to admit when things are going really wrong, so I was honored that they would give us a call to say that they needed help. It’s a very vulnerable position that our clients were placing themselves in when they invite us into times that are tough.

I made them do a little bit of homework: they had to take a look at how much he owed. They bought the house with a USDA loan and there is a fee that goes on top of that since it’s a 100% loan. That meant they still owed more than what they paid for the house. Of course, the market is way higher than it was even 14 months ago, so we had a good opportunity to make sure that they would at least get some of their costs taken care of and be able to break even. And with the competition, we thought we could even make them a little bit of money. That was the goal.

So we talked about how much we would list the house for, and that amount would break them even. Then as it turned out, we had a buyer who was looking for pretty much exactly what our couple was selling. We asked if it would be okay if the buyers took a look through the house before we put it on the market to see if that was something that would work for them, and they were good with that. They loved the house and we put the sale together.

“We were able to find a buyer for them that not only helped them break even, but also put some money in their pockets.”

There were a couple other things that were worrying the sellers when we were starting out. Like I said, they were a young couple; they didn’t have all the fancy furniture and decorations. They didn’t know what it would take to make their house look good in today’s hot market. So it was such a relief for them to know that they wouldn’t have 40 people tromping through their house and looking through their stuff.

Our sellers were thrilled that we were able to find a buyer for them that not only helped them break even, but also put some money in their pockets so they could go on to a fresh start. This is such an important process, and we are honored to help them out. When we spoke at the very beginning, they said that they called us because we helped them so well when they bought. There wasn’t anyone else to call since they knew that we’d take good care of them.

Who do you know that needs help with their house? Who do you know that is in a spot where they’re not quite sure what they can do next? We would love to talk with them about their options and what we can do to help them through their best-case scenario.

As a final note, springtime is coming up. If you need a pressure washer or if you need to trim your trees before all the new buds come out, let me know. Remember, on, I’ve got tools that you can borrow if you don’t want to buy them.

Have a blessed day! And again, let us know about anyone who needs assistance with real estate. We are here to help.