Here’s the answer to whether it is a good time to sell in winter.

Today we are talking about the wintertime market. The question we often get is: “Is there a bad time to sell? Can I sell in the wintertime? Is it a good time to sell?” And my answer is always, “yes; it’s a great time to sell.” There is actually never a bad time to sell. 

But for example, we have two families right now that we have helped to go ahead and sell their house, one in town and one in a bit more outlying area. And they both had multiple offers. They both went over their listing price.

“So is winter a good time to sell? Only if you want to make some money.”

The one most recently last night, they were hoping for one price, we listed for $50,000 more using comparables and direct data to show us why we should do that. And then, guess what happened? Six offers, much over asking price, and we are in contract for a good amount, that’s going to pay for their move to Missouri, and everyone is really happy.

Now, obviously, it still has to finish out, but it’s looking really good. We’ve got a cash buyer and another one right behind him that says that if this one can’t do it, they’re ready to take over. So is winter a good time to sell? Only if you want to make some money. And we’re glad to help you with that.

Our motto is making lives better. How can we help you with yours? Have a super blessed day, and give us a call when we can help you with your house in the wintertime. Be blessed.