Today we’re talking about how you’re killing your home with kindness. I bring this up because spring is approaching and you’re probably going to be making some improvements to your home. Most of the time the work you do will improve your home, but sometimes it can actually take away from the value of your property.

Today we will discuss four different ways that you could be hurting your home instead of helping it.

  • Don’t buy light bulbs that are too bright. Bright homes are good, but buying bulbs that are too powerful can be a fire hazard. Also related, I recommend incandescent bulbs for when you’re showing your home because they warm up quickly.
  • Don’t plant trees near driveways and near your slab. Trees should be at least 10-20 feet away from paved areas, and this is also true for septic drainfield areas. The roots will destroy your driveway, and you don’t want a buyer to inherit this problem.
  • Overzealous pressure washing. It’s easy to damage the wood on your deck or your siding by power washing it too vigorously. Be careful and use the right nozzle, or just hire a professional to do it. And stay off your roof with your pressure washer!!
  • If you store firewood in your home, make sure it is cured and dried. Fresh wood will likely have dormant insects nesting in it, and when you bring it into your warm home, the bugs will leave the wood and enter your home. Only store a few pieces of dry wood at a time if you’re looking for ambiance.

If you’d like to learn more, ask me for a copy of 19 Ways You’re Killing Your Home with Kindness.