Here’s a message of prediction and peace as we begin a new year.

Today we’re talking about what’s coming up in 2022. I have had so many people ask me over the last few years:

  • “Are we gonna have a crash?” 
  • “What’s happening with the real estate?” 
  • “Are prices going up?”
  • “Are prices gonna drop?”

I heard an awesome explanation of what happens before a real estate crash. A real estate crash only happens when we don’t have people who want to buy houses. That is obviously not the case in the Pacific Northwest. Anywhere near Seattle, the housing market is still incredibly tight, and it’s definitely a seller’s market all around.

“Let’s talk about what really works for you.”

With that said, we’re not expected to maintain the increase at the same rate that we did during 2021. How much are we going to increase? It really depends on your local market and what’s exactly happening. Local market can be as much as your neighborhood: a five-block radius, a part of Everett, a part of Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds. It really depends on what’s happening directly around you. How much did you go up this last year? And then shave a little off the top—how much? Let’s talk about what really works for you.

This should give you some peace going into 2022 if you have concerns about your real estate market and what you need to do. Whether it’s the time for you to sell, whether it’s the time for you to buy, whether you’re looking to find the next place, we’re not about to have the bottom fall out from under you. Because we can generally forecast, and as we get closer, we can more specifically forecast what’s going to be happening for you. That way we can talk with our clients, both sellers and our buyers, about what the best time is to meet your needs and your goals in your real estate transaction. 

We wish you amazing peace in this next year. In your families, in your homes. If you’re doing a real estate transaction, we would love to help you with that and let you know how we can help you during that process of both forecasting at the beginning and walking you through, holding your hands, and making sure that we’re putting our expert experience to your best use and your bottom line. Have a super 2022. I am looking forward to talking with you when we can help with your real estate needs. God bless you, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to talking with you soon.