Thank you for all your love and support over the last month.

Hey there, this is Sandy with Sandy and Company, and today is a family video. For those of you who know and those of you who don’t, my husband, Don, passed away last month. And this is really just a thank you. 

I have things coming up. I’m starting to get back into business, and I can’t start, I can’t start business life and commercial life and go do an exciting open house video until I really just step back and say thank you.

I have had so much support. There’s been so much love, and I am just grateful. I’m just grateful for all of my amazing family, my incredible friends, my colleagues; my clients have just stepped out to give a great big bear hug, and I’m just grateful.

So what’s next? Harley, my doggy companion, and I are going to take every day and set foot into what the Lord has for us. I’ve been given a double measure of peace and blessing, and I, again, am just so grateful for everything.

“I just have to take a pause and say thank you and give honor to the man that I married.”

I like to say that we’re doing real estate in the middle of life. It’s in the middle of your life when you’re buying and selling, and what we’ve seen is that we’re also helping you in the middle of our lives. And I give an extra, especially big thank you to Kerri and Sarah, who you almost would think I wasn’t gone.

And all of our clients have expressed that they feel completely taken care of. And so thank you so much. So when you come into our lives, you become family, and we are so grateful to have that opportunity to take care of you. And then what we find out is that, in turn, you guys take care of us. So thanks so much, guys.

It’s a little different, but like I said, I just have to take a pause and say thank you and give honor to the man that I married. And it was a short time, but the impact is great. So I will continue to live on in his memory and in the joy of the Lord, in the will of the Lord, and just in gratefulness and thankfulness as we continue on in life.

Have a super blessed day. Hug your family, hug your friends. We’re all in this together, and I’m grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you so much.