Three gardening tips that you should do before it warms up outside.

Hey, this is Sandy with Sandy and Company. You may think that because it’s February and the sun is not shining and warm it may be time to still stay inside for a little bit longer, but this is actually the perfect time to get your yard and your garden ready. I’ve got three tips for you to do right now before it gets warm.

I confess that I have been inside baking bread and enjoying my cooking shows and my knitting, and I’ve been looking outside going, “Man, I think there are a few things I need to do, but I’m not quite ready to start.” Well, here are three easy things that won’t take me a lot of time, and as you’ll see, I am not done with them. In the next couple of weeks, my intent is to knock those things out.

The first thing we need to do is trim these fruit trees. You can kind of see where it’s rounded and where the growth is—the lots of little twigs—and where it just goes straight up. Take a look at that shape, and you can see where it really wants you to trim back to so that you can have nice, diverse branches coming out.

Take anything away that looks dead, and take anything away that’s crossing another branch. They actually want to have their own space. If you don’t have tall trimmers, that’s actually something that I can lend you. I’ve got a trimmer for some really tall trees. There’s a clip and there’s a saw part of it that would be really helpful there. But do it before the sap starts coming into the branches and before the buds open up. So this is perfect fruit tree trimming time. 

“Now’s the time to just make your space clean and fresh and ready for the new green stuff to come up.”

The next thing is to get rid of dead plants. Now, I’m embarrassed to show you, but I actually have sunflowers that are dead and just sitting there, and they’ve got to go. Anything that’s dead that’s a perennial, cut it back. If it’s an annual, take it away completely. 

While you’re there, go ahead and pull out some of those green weeds that are coming through, and make some good space for the new plants to come up. Then decide what it is that you want to keep and what you want to take out. Now is the time.

The third thing you can do is actually for the life around your garden. Take a look at your bird feeders; clean them up. My son gave me this bird feeder for Christmas. Thank you! And of course, we’ve got our hummingbird feeder over here. We’ve tried several that are even fancier, but they only like that flat bottomed red one. So give them a lift, clean them out, and make sure that they’ve got enough food to get through until they can really start getting some food on our trees. Here’s a suet cup that one of my clients (thank you, Caroline) gave me that the birds are really getting into. 

So, now’s the time to just make your space clean and fresh and ready for the new green stuff to come up. Take a look at your yard. I am not going to bore you and fill up your inbox with every time I get one of these things done, but take a look at our Facebook or our Sandy & Company page. And that will be my accountability to you and make sure I get this done in the next little bit before everything starts to grow, and I go, “Oh my gosh, I really wish I could be seeing what I really wanted to see that makes my garden and my yard beautiful.”

There you go! Enjoy your homes. Your home is the place for you to thrive and to really just stretch out and say, “This is what looks and feels good around me.” This is what we want for you. If you don’t feel that way about your home, talk to me. I would love to see what we could to help you either love your home or find one that you will. This is now the time; it’s an awesome time to buy and sell real estate. Give me a call. Have a super blessed day! Stay healthy! Stay safe. We love you, and we look forward to talking with you soon. Be blessed.