Next week, Howard Bono and I are excited to offer a class that will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to be smarter with the money they already have. Here are the details.

Do you feel like you make a decent wage already, but the money runs out before it should and at the end of every month you should have a little more to show for what you’ve earned? If that’s the case, then you are primed for the class that Howard Bono and I are hosting next Wednesday, July 24. Join us at my office (1027 State Avenue Unit 102 Marysville, WA) at 6:30 p.m. for our special class, “3 Steps to Being Smarter With the Money You Already Have.” If you’re looking for ways for your money to count for more and make it last longer, this is the perfect class for you. Whether you’re looking to reduce debt, get more spending money, or save for something bigger like a home, we’re ready to give you all the tips and helpful information you’d need. Use this link to register/RSVP for the event and be sure to share this with anyone else you think this could help.