Just before Thanksgiving, we were introduced to a couple who weren’t having much luck with their current agent. This agent was selling their house in Woodinville. She’d finally found them a buyer, but she was not returning phone calls and took days to follow up on requests. They knew that on their next purchase they needed an agent who was much more responsive. We talked with our couple that day, looked at five homes the next day, made two offers that night, and had one accepted by the weekend. We accomplished this even though this purchase was contingent on the their existing home selling.

Next, it was time to schedule the inspection. It was really a clean house overall, and the inspector didn’t find many issues. Then we went out to the back porch, and the light wasn’t turning on. I thought that maybe the bulb just needed to be replaced, but the bulb just turned in circles when I tried to unscrew it.

“We take active responsibility and make things happen.”

We asked the seller to make sure the light was working. To our surprise, they refused this simple repair. They said it had worked the night before, so the inspector must have broken it. Because I had tried to unscrew the light, I knew I could have been the one to break it. Either way, I wasn’t going to get in the way of my client’s dream home because of a broken light fixture. I volunteered to have the light fixed and we moved on with the deal.

That’s just a little slice of what we do. If we cause a problem, we take responsibility to fix it. We look for solutions, and we won’t let our pride jeopardize our clients’ goals.