Here’s my No. 1 question for renters and homeowners alike.

Today I’m asking you: Are you home yet? I’m heading on my way to an inspection for one of our buyers. I’m so thrilled for him because he has waited so long to find the place that feels like home. He rents a basement apartment, and the people that he rents from are really good people. They consider him family, but it’s not the same as having your own space and noises. Or making sure that your payment is going to stay steady when inflation makes the rest of our costs go up. 

I’m so excited that we’re finally finding him a house that feels like home. He can come home to think about the rest of what’s going on around him in the world, and he can know that life is good because he has his own space.

A lot of people are wondering right now: Is this the right time to buy a house? The question is really only answered by you. The few different factors you want to think about are: How much do you want to pay for your money? Is the interest rate going to stay the same then as it is now? I’m not a gambler, and so the future doesn’t look bright for that.

Second, what’s happening with inflation? With the price of money going up, you can secure your house payment right now so you aren’t having to pay a 3% to 5% increase in your rent every year (or lately even more than that). When landlords are saying, “Hey, I could get so much more if I sold it. Maybe I should just rent it for more.” I’m hearing a lot of people talk about rent increases that are significantly stretching their budget.

“Is this your sanctuary?”

The biggest question is, if you can afford it, is this the place you like to call home? Is this your sanctuary? My husband was just telling me  that our home is our sanctuary. When he goes into our backyard and he’s got his fruit trees, this is the place he’s so grateful we have to call home.

So let me ask you this: Are you home yet? Do you want to be home? If you own your own house but it doesn’t feel like home because something has changed, do we need to talk about that too? Is there something that we can change to make it feel like home again? Or do we need to look somewhere else? 

We are so glad to be your resource for houses, whether you are selling or buying. Our motto is “Making lives better.” How can we make yours? Message me when we can help you with your home. Give me a call, text me, message me. We’re glad to talk with you and grateful to be your resource. Have a super blessed day, stay healthy, stay blessed, and I look forward to talking with you soon.