Here’s how we were able to help a buyer lock in her Marysville dream home.

I got a call a couple months ago from a lady who was looking at one of my houses I had for sale in north Marysville. It was the absolutely perfect house for what she was looking for. Her big criteria for privacy was that she would have enough privacy that she could drink her coffee in her jammies in the morning, and this place had it. 

Unfortunately, the house was already pending. My seller had already accepted another offer, so it was not available. In that case, she wasn’t really interested in seeing anything else, she was only willing to move if the absolutely right house came along. Well, good for her—the buyer got cold feet and found a reason to back out, and there was an opportunity for her to jump in.

“My buyer was thrilled to have her perfect little slice of privacy.”

I gave her a call, and she was ecstatic to hear that this house was available once again. This gal was able to purchase from money with her investments, but she didn’t really want to do that if she didn’t have to, since she’d be paying a penalty for pulling money out. So, she really wanted to buy the house contingent on selling her current house in Lake Stevens. We were able to put enough security in the offer so that my sellers felt very comfortable moving forward knowing that they would have a payday in about a month and a half. So we put it all together, and now we’re coming up to a key day and a payday. 

My buyer is thrilled; she’s got a home where she can wander out on the deck and drink her coffee and listen to the birds in her pajamas. My sellers are absolutely thrilled that they have a payday so that they can move their investment from a house they weren’t able to use into the house that they are. Everybody is happy—vee have vays of making you very happy! 

If you or someone you know is looking for expert real estate help so that we can look at all of the angles and see what the best solution is for them, give us a call, message us, text us today. Let us talk about what we can do to make you very happy! Until we talk again, have a beautiful day, stay safe, stay healthy, and know that we are here to take care of you!