Here’s why it’s so important to have fun and play games as we head into fall.

I’m here to remind you that just because the summer is winding down, it doesn’t mean the fun has to. What have you been doing for fun this summer? Golfing? Hiking? Swimming? Going out on the boat?

Just because summer is winding down and school is starting up doesn’t mean the fun has to be over for you and your family and friends. We’ve been staying closer to home this summer, so we’ve been playing a lot of games indoors. Just about every night, Don and I play cribbage—a good cribbage hand is a thing of beauty. We play a lot of Yahtzee!, too.

Have you ever made up your own rules? We usually play a couple rounds of the regular Yahtzee! and then we mix it up a little bit by playing wild card Yahtzee! Instead of the five dice, you get to have four dice, you get the regular rolls, and you get to choose at the end what you want that fifth dice to be. Or, another one of my favorites is if you add some up. Let’s say you’re going for your threes, you get three dice that are threes, then you get a two and a one. Obviously, that adds up to three, so in that game of Yahtzee! you end up with four threes. You just gotta make it your own.

“Take time to recharge and refresh.”

There are so many great games to play: Monopoly, Risk, Bananagrams, Rummy, plenty of card games, and don’t forget Mario Kart. That’s a great thing for the whole family as well.

The biggest thing is, take time to recharge and refresh. Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean that it’s going to be all work and all school. Make sure that you’re bringing joy and laughter in, and in abundance. That’s the best way that I know to keep making sure that your house stays your home.

If you need any help changing your house to the place that you want to call home, I’m here to help you with that and for your friends and your family. Call me; we’ll take great care of you during these unprecedented times. 

Have a great day, stay healthy, stay happy, keep laughing, and call me. We are here to help.