Hi there, this is Sandy Eagon of Keller Williams Realty, and today we’re talking about the spring market that hasn’t sprung quite as much as we thought it would. 

We are traditionally a market that gets its values in the springtime. Most of our increase is from February until May, and what we have seen this year is that we did not get the rise in values that we thought we would. And, in fact, in a couple of places, we’ve even gotten less. 

In Lynnwood, we have a real flat spot that went from August until March. And then, come March and going into April, we actually dropped back. And so we actually had a drop in the market from March to April. That is unheard of in our spring area. So, just something to keep an eye on. 

Everett, on the other hand, saw a bit of an increase, going up until April—but then, from April to May, it dropped. So these are things we need to keep an eye on as Realtors, so we can help our clients do the best that they need to in this market.

“You are not going to be sold out of your house before you get to the next one.”

Who is this market good for right now? Honestly, everyone, but there are a couple of people in particular that, again, have a great opportunity over this coming summer, including the contingent buyer. Who is the contingent buyer, and what does that mean? The contingent buyer is the person who is in a home that just doesn’t quite fit for them anymore, so they’re looking for something else—whether it’s something a little bigger, whether they’re looking for more trees or fewer. Let me know. 

This is a time to sit down and say, “Okay, what do you have right now (that you own)?” But you don’t have to sell that before you can buy now. You used to do that in the last few years. It was really hard to be a homeowner and buy the new place before you sold the old place. So now you can actually make offers on those homes—the move-up style homes—that they know that someone is likely to have a home to sell before they can buy, and they will give you time to do it. 

You are not going to be sold out of your house before you get to the next one. Talk to me. Let’s have that conversation about what works best for you, for your family, and for your friends and your neighbors. I’d be glad to be that resource for them. 

Have an amazing day. I hope the sun is shining on you right now and I look forward to talking real estate and homes with you real soon.