We’ve helped many clients put down roots, and we can help you too.

Hey there, I’m Sandy with Sandy and Company, and today we’re talking about finding your home again. One of my clients and I have been looking all over eastern Washington, and we just got him a fabulous spot next to one of his fishing lakes. And it’s got a good shop for all the cars, with extra parking spaces. 

I asked him, now that all of the big hurdles are over and we’re almost to the finish line, I said, “How does it feel?” He said, “You know, it just feels really good to have a landing place again.” He owned his own home before; he’s had several homes, as a matter of fact, and done very well. But things have happened, and he hasn’t been living in his own place, and he’s been living in his RV for a while. He is just really glad to be able to put down roots. 

You know, life can be really tricky. You’d think it was March right now with all the wind and the rain and the blowing, and my poor little pear trees. We’re hoping that we get some pollination here with all the wind blowing around while we still have blossoms. So life can be a little hard, and it can blow the shine off of you sometimes. But when we settle down and pick back up, it’s really nice to know that we can have a place to call home.

“Life can be tricky, so it’s nice to find a place that feels like home.”

I have a couple of little birdhouses here. I’ve got one up here, a condo, and I’ve got my other guy down next to the fence, and I’m seeing the chickadees come in and make their homes. I’m so excited to see them nest, and I’m just glad to see that they are comfortable in my yard to put down roots. When I get to help people find a house that feels like home, that’s success to me—that’s what I love to do. 

If you need to find a house that feels like home, give me a call, message me, or email me. Let’s talk because that’s what we do. We’ll help you find a place where you are glad to put down roots, have a landing base, and invite friends and family over because this is home. Have a super blessed day. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And we will talk with you next about how we help our people find a home.