Legal deadlines are one of the most important facets of real estate, so it’s important to have the help of your real estate expert with you all along the way.

In a perfect world, you sign a contract and in 30 days, the buyer has the keys. This is a really complicated transaction though, with legal and physical issues, lender criteria, and much more in between. It’s our job to understand this process so we can assure your success down the road.

We track when your loan gets out of the underwriting process, so you have time to sign disclosures and have the correct documents reviewed. There may also be agreed-upon repairs to inspect prior to closing. Sometimes these repairs aren’t done to the buyer’s satisfaction, which can cause a lot of heartache and delay.

We deal with the appraiser who may expect things to be done a certain way as well. Appraisers can’t simply take our word that repairs were done right on the home - they re-inspect as well. Many things happen in 30 to 45 days, and much gets pushed into the last two weeks. “We’ll make sure you have a Plan A, B, and C to achieve your real estate goals.” Both buyers and sellers have other issues going on in their lives, which also complicates matters. For instance, the seller may be buying a new home too, and they’re being held accountable to their seller to get the funds for their closing. If they can’t close on the home you’re buying, they may not be able to close in time on their next home. It’s extremely stressful. Consider services like a moving truck as well: many are booked three weeks in advance, and can’t accommodate changes on two days’ notice.

My job as a consultant is to talk with you about all these different issues and to ensure that you’re prepared for Plan B and maybe even Plan C. We want to make sure that if we don’t take the exact path we planned on taking at the beginning, we still get you to your destination.

If you have any questions about the real estate process or you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in Puget Sound, give me a call today. Make it a great day!