Real estate transactions can be tough. You often have a lot on the line, both in thousands of dollars and in the security of your home. How can you ‘win’ what you want in a real estate transaction? It helps to determine what is most important to you. You have to ask yourself what you need to get out of a transaction.

Stress is common when making negotiations in the real estate market, and when we stress we often get stuck on the smaller details. Instead, we should focus on the bigger picture and what is really at stake in your transaction. “Think about the big picture.” When you worry that everything is falling apart, remember the bigger picture. Sometimes several things go wrong with the home or the negotiation. That’s when we assess how important it really is, what we can do, and whether we’ll be happy with the outcome. We don’t have to walk away or bail out because we’re scared- we move step by step to resolve, overcome, and come up with a win after the finish line.

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