Today I’m going to be speaking about how you can prepare to buy a home again after a major life event like a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale. A lot of people are finding themselves in this situation after the market crashed in 2007. If you’re having difficulty when you’re speaking with a lender or a real estate agent, I have one important question to ask you:

What could you have done differently that in any part contributed to this painful outcome?

It’s probably not your fault that your company downsized and you lost your job, and it’s probably not your fault that the economy took a turn for the worse and housing values plummeted. However, is there something that you could have done and now could be doing differently to allow yourself to succeed? Is there a skill you need that you don’t have right now? “You have the power to decide where your money goes and how it’s used.” I suggest stepping back for a moment to examine where your priorities lie for yourself and your family. Even I have had to do this in my life, and I turned to certain family members and friends for advice on matters like handling my money wisely. I also took advantage of resources like

You have the power to decide where your money goes and how it’s used. If you have goals that are on hold and need assistance with any step of this process, please don’t hesitate to contact me!