When Bob met Sarah, he had a lot to learn about pricing his home.

Hi, this is Sandy with Sandy & Company, and today we’re talking about one of our sellers who thought he knew what it would take to get his house sold. 

Sarah met with Bob in July, and Bob already had a disappointing experience with a previous real estate broker. He had a cute house in downtown Marysville. The issue was that it was very downtown, though. It was across from the school and behind a business. Not exactly the quiet, private experience that a buyer was looking for in that price range. 

Bob felt with the continued work that he’d been doing to the house to make it better, it was now worth the $520,000 he had been asking for previously, even though Sarah told him that $500,000 was really the better price to attract a buyer that was really going to get excited about his house. 

Back in July, we weren’t sure exactly how much we had shifted, and so it was close enough to give it a try, and she said, “okay.” We listed the house in July for $520,000. No. We dropped the price in August to $500,000. No. We dropped the price in September to $480,000, and we now have a buyer in place, and we will be closed by the time you get this video.

“So who do you know right now who maybe is a little hardheaded?”

Shortly after Bob accepted the offer, he told Sarah, “I wish I had listened to you from the beginning.”

The sellers who lose out right now are not the ones who are so crazy– well, they lose too. But it’s not just the ones who are so crazy about the price that nobody would even think about looking at that. It’s the ones who wish they could get a little bit more.

They say, “But I think we can try for a little bit more, and we can always drop it later.” The problem is that as they’re dropping it later, the buyer who would have liked the price that was appropriate is already on down to the next price down. You don’t want to be that person. And as much as we love our sellers, we always want what the seller can best get in this market.

So it’s not so much of an “I told you so.” We would never say that. And it’s not just because I said so because we do have information and statistics to back up an experience, to back up why we’re giving the advice we give. It’s because we want the best for our people. We’re looking out for them.

So who do you know right now who maybe is a little hardheaded? A little stubborn? We don’t know anyone like that do we? Certainly not ourselves. But they need the right advice to move forward and get things done in this market.

Give us a call, or a private message. We are here to help. We will share what is possible and jump in to help them make it happen. Stay safe, stay blessed, stay healthy, have a super blessed day; and we’re excited to help you with your real estate needs. Give us a call.