We’re extremely fortunate here in the Pacific Northwest to have such great scenery around us. There is so much for us to do - we have mountains, oceans, and much more.

My daughter will be turning 18 this summer, and we’ve decided that we’re going to take a Clipper Tour up to Victoria. We’re also going to be visiting Butchart Gardens while we’re there, and we’re extremely excited to be planning this trip. “There is so much for us to do - we have mountains, oceans, and much more.” We’re also going to be heading to Mt. Rainier to do some camping and fishing, and I cannot wait to smell trout cooking on the campfire. I’ve always liked camping and spending time in the outdoors, and the options are limitless in our area. We’re extremely blessed to live in an area like this with so much to offer.

Another favorite day trip of mine is in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. There is a very inexpensive ferry you can take to see the wildlife, and you can take this trip in early spring.

We would love for you to share ideas on what you do for fun in this area. We’re always looking for new adventures.

As always, please refer to us with any questions you might have about our local real estate market. We’re always here to help you - except for when we’re out enjoying this beautiful area!