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  • Today, we’re talking about making our homes into places that make us smile. When I help clients, I explain how important it is to smile while walking through the front door.

  • Today we’re talking about how you’re killing your home with kindness. I bring this up because spring is approaching and you’re probably going to be making some improvements to your home. Most of the time the work you do will improve your home, but sometimes it can actually take away from the value of your property.

  • Last fall we sold a very unique home- let me share. Originally listed with a different agent, the home sat on 3 acres inside Marysville, but the home was priced too high. The home and property were beautiful, but it had all the original features in it. It’s what we affectionately call vintage,requiring at least $60,000 in updating to make this home shine again.

  • About a year and a half ago, a couple reached out to me online. They were looking for a home that fit them and their three large dogs and property with breathing room between them and neighbors. We looked for about a year, but nothing worked perfectly. Then their landlord told them that he was selling the rental they lived in. Urgency kicked in- they needed a home that they could count on rather than try to find another landlord who would allow their dogs.

  • We’ve been working throughout the surrounding Puget Sound area and the market is the same in every county! There are hardly any houses for sale.

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