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  • Last night, I had some first-time homebuyers ask me if they were ready to purchase and what I thought of their situation. In response, I had a couple questions for them. These questions are the same ones you need to ask yourself if you’re in a similar situation so you can make a plan to get the home you want.

  • If you’re a homeowner who is looking to downsize, what’s the next place that works best for you?

  • The question of “Where is our market headed?” is one that I get a lot. I’m going to answer it today.

  • Today I wanted to talk about land on the Tulalip Reservation, which can either be leased land from the Fryeburgs or it can be deeded.

  • Life is like a box of chocolates, or maybe it’s like a bowl of cherries. I believe that making big life decisions is like the Now and Later candy; all of the life decisions that you make have something to do with now and something to do with later. So, how do you make those big decisions?

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