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  • I met an awesome couple about a month ago who were looking to sell their condo and buy a home with more space. When we got ready to price their condo, we looked at what the most recent sales numbers were. We listed for the same as the last identical sale, knowing that the market would bring the price up all on its own.

  • Last night, I had some first-time homebuyers ask me if they were ready to purchase and what I thought of their situation. In response, I had a couple questions for them. These questions are the same ones you need to ask yourself if you’re in a similar situation so you can make a plan to get the home you want.

  • If you’re a homeowner who is looking to downsize, what’s the next place that works best for you?

  • The question of “Where is our market headed?” is one that I get a lot. I’m going to answer it today.

  • Today I wanted to talk about land on the Tulalip Reservation, which can either be leased land from the Fryeburgs or it can be deeded.

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