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  • Have you ever been curious about who our lenders use for their Realtors?

  • My family was supposed to head up to Victoria, B.C. over the last days of June for some much-needed relaxation time. However, not everyone could make it so we decided to scratch the plans for now and stay in the beautiful NW instead.

  • Summer can be a great time for some to-do list items around the house that are a little more weather-dependent. There are five things in particular that you should consider doing to your Puget Sound home this summer while the weather's fine:

  • I want to take a step away from the real estate market for a moment to talk about my darling Chloe. She graduated from community college last week. We're celebrating that big life step in our family.

  • I met an awesome couple about a month ago who were looking to sell their condo and buy a home with more space. When we got ready to price their condo, we looked at what the most recent sales numbers were. We listed for the same as the last identical sale, knowing that the market would bring the price up all on its own.

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